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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy practitioners provide habilitative services that promote skill acquisition and participation in meaningful daily life activities. Occupational therapists seek to identify the priorities and perspectives of both the child and the family to work towards meaningful family-centered goals that may be related to self-care routines, meaningful play and social participation.

Occupational therapy is an evidence-based practice using functional tasks, cognitive and play-based interventions, as well as client education and coaching strategies. If your child struggles with Social Skills, Low Muscle Tone, Sensory Integration, Decreased Strength, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills/Coordination, and/or Visual Motor Skills, we are here to help!

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Speech and Language Therapy

Pediatric speech-language pathologists work to help children communicate effectively by assisting with the improvement of their verbal and non-verbal language skills. They also help with things like feeding and swallowing abilities. Once an initial assessment is performed, the speech-language pathologist will determine the best course of action. Interventions vary depending on what communication or feeding/swallowing goals will be targeted. Speech-language pathologists strive to make every therapy session feel like play, especially for their youngest clients!

We provide pediatric speech and language therapy to children with speech, language, auditory language processing, feeding and swallowing disorders, as well as developmental delays.

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School Therapy Services

Ride the Wave is a proud provider of therapy services to both public and private schools in St. John’s County! With competitive rates and experienced therapists, we are excited to help you meet your school’s therapy and in-service needs.

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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is best known for its success in treating individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities (e.g., Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities). Treatment in this area is supported by scientifc research and is shown to be effective across an individual’s lifespan (i.e., childhood, adolescence, adulthood). In young children with developmental disabilities such as ASD, the goal of intensive, comprehensive intervention is to improve cognitive, language, social, and self-help skills. ​ABA involves social skills training, parent education, self-help skills acquisition, positive behavior support, and organizational behavior management.

Tools for easier parenting and less stress.

Ride the Wave provides ABA, speech, and occupational therapy services. We work with parents to better understand what is happening with the child and then go through an evaluation process in order to gauge the level of services a child needs. Not only are we providing services that support the child, but our goal is to engage the family in the process. It’s imperative for the successful outcome of therapy, that parents are actively involved.


"As I’ve watched our therapists work with the kids, and from 100’s of questions I’ve asked along the way, these guys can move mountains with kids. I’ve thought many times, I wish I would have known this when my kids were little. The educational background and experience our therapists bring to the table is a key to our success and I say our parents should learn everything they can from them. "

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